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Within these pages, you will see many different types of writings, some that are poetic, some that are not. You will notice that I do not follow any style when I write and I simply put my thoughts or feelings into verse of some type. I follow no rules of writing, but simply follow the rules of my heart as I set these down.

wandI ask you to read here, enjoy here, laugh here or move on past as you are lead. I also ask that you do not take, copy or in any other way - remove anything from my website without my permission. I am sharing this part of myself with you here but understand that these things are part of me and request that you use them only with my permission. Thank you.



Eye to face bleeds with delight.
And tingles my souls passion so right.
Trust no longer shines toward bright.
I cannot accept wrong from spite.
Aim free and divine tonight.
Foolish dreams act on majestic might.
Hope climbs high to the light.
Flames in me take in flight.
Down and begging holds me tight.
When we touch it hurts to write.
Walking away marked like a bite.
High and dizzy dangle my kite.
You promised never to darken my site.
For when we sinned, now and forever.
We must be hidden and dance for cover.


candelAnd It Feels Like I Know What's going On.

You are the sun, I will not run.
Down at the ocean view.
Not to be forgotten.
Lately I was jamming to make my life more.
I want to see everything.
Moved out of town it so complete
Take time to vanish over night.
Shadows change to rainbows as it fades.
I left there crystal burning.
I can not run from a war.
Know you are finding you need comfort.
I see the angel in me.
It is unclear.
Like the roses kissing the midnight dew.
I am moving on, as I come to you.
People all around think of you my dear.
It feels like they know what going on.
The night is calm.
I am coming to you but moving on.
I feel something near.
Is it a mystery or is it fears.
Nobody feels like they know what's going on.
My body feels no fear.
Like the moon kisses the windowpane.
The body feels no pain any more.
This is a good place to lay down.
What I am doing here?


fairyJust a Thought...

ballIt's not all gold that glitters.ball


1. Remembered
2. Longing

3. Can you hear my soul crying?

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