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candle LONGING candle

In the mid month of October on the edge of town. Recalling the last day of the week near the 11th hour, south of Budapest Hungary. A gypsy child travels alone down the up weed roads leading into the frazzled forest. Tired and alone frightened of not knowing the untold truth of belonging. Barefooted wearing only a fortress green pheasant dress whirling in the night and golden bangles around her neck. Her eyes uplifted towards the glowing flames in the distance. Resembling a picture from her childhood storybooks. The heated smell from the burning campfires brought memories from the past. The faint sounds of fiddles and tambourines ravished the moment of remembrance inside her mind. Through the clearing visions of decorated caravans trained up together huddled in a circle as if they were connected on purpose as one. As she mingled her way forward peeking around the corner, she saw vivid images of men and women drinking and dancing under the quarter moon. These surprising feelings gave a sense of calmness in these surroundings. She got a glimpse of a beautiful woman with black waist length hair and red bleeding lips watching her every move from the painted caravan. She motioned her to enter within their circle and she blinked with acceptance. As she stepped up into the caravan, amazed by those brightly decorated walls, glistened with colored fabrics and flowing tassels. The interior lavished with spicy smells of incense. The New World she has longed for uplifted her inner spirits to happiness. Turning to the rustling curtains this wondrous woman appears again. As she swallowed deeply and breathed with a sigh. She will never forget this delightful memory as long as she lives to tell this story. She chanted these words of endearment to her. "I knew you would come my love"," the spirits in the wind guided you as your name was whispered towards the breeze." Theirs no words needed for us to speak no more". "You were never lost my child for you just needed to find your acceptance in life within your true identity





haloWas That You My Father?halo

In a dream, I saw your shadow standing next to me.
Upon the hill, we stood side by side huddled together hand in hand.
Our eyes were capturing the sweet lavender in the meadow.
Divine words you whisper from the past.
It was like a book opening for the beginning of time.
All those biblical scenes of rainbow pictures edit my mind.
Was this the real story from years ahead?
For I did not see or felt, I have been there before.
He spoke only one more time this night.
Looking far away in ward toward the stream.
Like a mirror, the reflections showed a play.
See the hurt trickling down into the creek?
It is only the hurt flowing down in the valley.
A gentle calmness quenched my blood with a statement.
Dreams are real and meant to sooth without pain.
Therefore, I say, "was that you my father?





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Life is very rewarding, just take the time to belive in you.







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